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Students in the upper secondary can either choose Chemistry as a pure subject or as a combined subject together with either Biology or Physics. Upper secondary Chemistry tuition prepares students for the GCE ‘O’ Level examinations. Students are required to sit for 3 papers having the following weightage:

Chem Pic 1

There are 6 sections and 11 topics with 28 sub-topics. They are listed in the table below together with topics that most students would find challenges with:


Chem Pic2

* Topics/ sub-topics most students find challenges with

+ Topics for Pure Chemistry students only

‘O’ level is an important milestone for a student’s academic journey. However, we believe the learning journey for student starts with a strong foundation in lower secondary. And we help students build this strong foundation through our lower secondary science tuition.


What We do at Habitat

We believe “Consistency” is all that is needed to Ace the ‘O’ levels. At Habitat, we do pride ourselves as one of the best tuition centres when it comes to secondary Chemistry tuition. Our centre has prepared summary notes and are made exclusively to our students only.

With years of experience, we have compiled a concised set of guides to help our students understand the syllabus better. At our centre, we coach students in terms of their answering techniques and strengthen their foundation. With our teaching materials, students are able to score better and most importantly, see an improvement from their previous grades. Some of the topics that students have challenges with are highlighted in the table above.

Many students have also tried our THAT Challenge. This is an online aptitude test specially catered for upper secondary students to check on their fundamental understanding of the various topics. THAT challenge covers both Chemistry and Physics catering to both Pure and Combined science students.

We also offer upper secondary Physics tuition to students too. Some of our students who enroll our upper secondary Chemistry tuition also enroll in our upper secondary E Math tuition and/ or A Math tuition.

What do students say about upper secondary Chemistry tuition

“I enjoyed my four years here very much. When I first came here, I did not think I would do well in secondary school. This is because I did badly for PSLE. However, after tuition here, I managed to score As for math and science in school. I must thank all the teachers who taught me well and made me understand topics better, especially my current physics and chemistry teachers.


I made very good memories here, and I enjoyed my time here very much”


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