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Kind Words from Students

This Centre has definitely taught me many things, not only in the education aspect, but also build on my character, to be more responsible and focused. It also has given me hope. I used to think a pass is what I could achieve at my best, always expecting the worse in my results. However, after joining the classes, I understood my weakness and mistakes. Teachers would always motivate us and they see the potential in us, making me feel encouraged to work harder, getting the results that will make my teachers and me proud.

Obviously now, I believe that I can get the results I want for the O levels and to achieve my targets. Overall, I enjoyed my time here. The teachers are all very nice and caring. They always try their best and go through certain topics that I am weak in.

I remember there was one class with teacher Eunice, drawing all the light diagrams when I said I always don’t know how to do. Even though I didn’t start memorizing, it definitely saves me at least a grade in the exam.

Tan Ming Kai, Naval Base Secondary

Mr Soh has been an extremely effective and dedicated math tutor. He has provided me with an extensive repository of notes, practices, and prelim papers, and has allowed me gain proficiency in Mathematics.

Mr Soh’s teaching is precise and succinct, and has helped me identify my weaker topics and allow me to rectify my mistakes. He always provides detailed and comprehensive analysis of my practices and regularly emphasizes the significance of regular practice.

I’m very grateful to have been under Mr Soh’s tutelage as he has allowed me to gain confidence in mathematics.

Ho Yew Han, Eunoia Junior College

Thank you for helping me improve my science marks. The relationship with the teachers had become a friendly relationship, instead of a teacher-student relationship. Thank you, Mr Chen, for always having small arguments in class, but in the end help my marks improve. Although I live far away from the centre, I still wouldn’t mind coming to class as I know I would learn something new.

Thank you, Miss Song, for always coming into the class and give me snacks that you got from overseas, and all the small chats that we have.

Lastly, as for Teacher Eunice, thank you for always marking my work even though I hand in too many at a time. Although it was a short period of time, I still manage to learn a lot of new things from you.

Puah Wei Shane, Dunman Secondary

I enjoyed my four years here very much. When I first came here, I did not think I would do well in secondary school. This is because I did badly for PSLE. However, after tuition here, I managed to score As for math and science in school.

I must thank all the teachers who taught me well and made me understand topics better, especially my current physics and chemistry teachers. I made very good memories here, and I enjoyed my time here very much.

Matthew Doo, Hai Sing Catholic

I joined the tuition centre quite close to my O levels so I wasn’t very confident that I would be able to improve. In SA1, I failed and I was one of the lowest in class.

But in my recent prelims, I got a high B4, which surprised me a lot. I think with the constant practices I did and the confidence teacher Casey had in me, gave me the confidence in myself.

Chantel Chua, CHIJ Toa Payoh

Hi teacher Eunice! You teach very well. Your explanations are very clear and can be easily understood. Classes with you were not boring… they were fun, and helpful in every way. Also for my physics to be able to consistently score As and Bs for the past two years, I’m really thankful for your guidance.

Thank you for the effort and the help you have given me for the past two years. Your classes were great.

Tan Xuan Kai, Guangyang Secondary School

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