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Secondary Science Tuition

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If you are looking for a good science tuition centre for secondary education, you have come to the right place. Our lower secondary science tuition aims to assist Primary 6 students transits effectively to secondary studies. Primary 6 students probably face more stress when they transit to their Secondary schools. Students suddenly realised that they have to cope with more school work and their Co-Curriculum Activities (CCAs).

Students also have to adjust themselves to the new school environment and meet new friends too. As a science tuition centre for secondary students, we have made Habitat's way to lower secondary science tuition below:

Small Class Size

The transition from Primary science to Secondary sciences is substantial. In order to provide the best learning experience for students, we cap our class size at 6 so that individual student's needs can be identified and catered for.

Covering 3 Subjects

We cover all 3 subjects, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Our approaches for each subject is different. Biology and Physics is more relatable to daily lives. Chemistry is more abstract. Either way, we make sure students do well in all 3 subjects.

Curriculum Planning

For Sec 1 students, we introduce them the topic called scientific endeavours. We find out from students their school curriculum and plan for their lessons. Story telling is important to help students remember better.

Strengthen the Concepts

Lower secondary science builds the foundation required for upper secondary sciences. While certain parts need memorisation, which we teach the students memorisation techniques, the larger part of it is to understand the concepts so students will be able to apply effectively.

Students' Engagement

Primary science is broken into 3 subjects in Secondary. Students may find it challenging coping with 3 subjects. We keep classes engaging so students find joy in learning. Helping them to relate what they learn to daily life helps them to see learning beyond textbooks.

Beyond Classroom

Some students may be less motivated than others. Sometimes it is the "why" that motivates the "how". Our teachers spend time to understand the growing child other needs and provide feedback to the centre. We foster the parent-student-centre relationship.

What We do at Habitat

Lower Secondary Science is taught in a modular system, where the school focus on Chemistry, Physics and Biology respectively on each term.

Most group tuition curriculum is not effective because the topic covered might not be the same to what your child is currently learning in school.

Our centre aligns our teaching to the school's curriculum. We adopt a bespoke teaching style which matches the topics of what is taught in school and students find this method more effective and helpful. Our science tutor for secondary school is able to connect to students very well. The tutor never fails to engage with the students and students find the lessons enjoyable and interesting.

Biology is more content based and requires more memorisation which some students might find it challenging. To make the task of learning simpler and more interesting, there are memorisation techniques that can be employed.

Lower secondary students find Chemistry challenging. It would be the first time they get exposed to topics like molecules, ions and atoms. Students may find this subject difficult because these are things they are not able to see or relate immediately to the daily lives.

At Habitat, our lower secondary chemistry tuition uses more diagrams. This helps students to see (and imagine) and grasp the images to better understand the concepts behind each topics.

Formulas are common for Physics. Lower secondary school students start to learn many formulas in topics such as Forces, Electricity and Moments. However it is not about remembering the formulas that are important. This is why our lower secondary Physics tuition focuses to get students to understand the concepts behind the formulas.

We also focus on the ability to apply the formulas to different scenarios. We also would draw relevant examples to the daily lives so students might find learning Physics more meaningful.

It might seem overwhelming to learn and understand all three sciences at lower secondary. However, it is important to build a strong foundation for these core subjects. Likewise, strong foundational learning gives root to later learning as basic concepts create connections necessary for sciences in the upper secondary level.

Our Sec 1 Science Tuition focus in getting students oriented to the 3 sciences. We also create an environment and draw examples for students to appreciate what they learn so that they cultivate an interest in science. Sec 2 Science Tuition will focus in concepts and understanding deeper to topics so as to prepare students for secondary 3 sciences. We also help students identify their strengths and weaknesses and provide appropriate suggestions as they will choose their core science subjects in secondary 3.

Many of our students taking lower secondary science tuition also take up our secondary math tuition. Do check how we assist lower secondary students in their math too!

MOE Science Framework & Our Alignment

MOE Framework

The central of the framework of MOE lower secondary science framework  is the inculcation of the spirit of scientific inquiry. The supporting hands are the student as the inquirer and the teacher as the leader of inquiry. Therefore at Habitat, we cultivate students of an inquiring mind and our teachers are the facilitators.

Our Alignment

Our notes and worksheets are based on MOE syllabus and are carefully compiled to ease learning and to stimulate interest in Science subjects. Students will be exposed to a wide range of questions designed. This helps them on their understanding of the various topics and application of science concepts.

There is a big gap between Primary and Secondary Science. At Habitat, we reckon this gap and aim to assist students transit smoothly by providing a customised Lower Secondary Science Tuition. As a result, this lays the foundation for their upper secondary sciences.

At Habitat, lower secondary science tuition includes a robust curriculum. This helps tackle the foundation of various topics and assist students to manage the increasing depth of the topics.


MOE Science Framework

What do students say about secondary science tuition

“I enjoyed my four years here very much. When I first came here, I did not think I would do well in secondary school. This is because I did badly for PSLE. However, after tuition here, I managed to score As for math and science in school. I must thank all the teachers who taught me well and made me understand topics better, especially my current physics and chemistry teachers.

I made very good memories here, and I enjoyed my time here very much”


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