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… my son has just finished his O levels this year and thanks to Ms Song and her group of enthusiastic tutors (Eunice, Louis, Leon and Nicholas) , our gratitude to all of you for helping him to get 4 distinctions in the math and sciences! Thank you, Ms Song, for the constant nagging and cajoling, without which my lazy son will probably not do as well…

Francis Lee

Physics Tuition @ Novena

Secondary 3, 4 & 5, ‘O’ & ‘N’ Level

It is not only girls that might struggle in Physics. Boys do find it challenging too. If you child is having challenges in secondary Physics, Habitat have the solution for you. Our centre provides a conducive small-class setting (capped at 6) to make sure your child gets a customised curriculum based on his/ her needs which follows his/ her school syllabus. Our dedicated teachers are passionate and engaging to make sure students achieve success in Physics.

 Our “O” level Physics tuition prepares students for the ‘O’ level examination. We believe preparing for the ‘O’ level exams start from Secondary 3. To help secondary students cope with Physics, our tuition provides:

Small Class Size ▾

Upper secondary ‘O’ level Physics is more challenging than lower secondary’s. Our small class size capped at 6 allows teachers to be effective in coaching our students. Discussion are more intensive than lower secondary and each student receives ample attention from our teachers.

Customised Curriculum ▾

We customise for each student their learning curriculum based on their individual  proficiency in Physics, interest and the topics they were taught in school.

We ensure that students can learn Physics at a comfortable pace, without having to struggle with the learning process.   

Practice Qns & Exams ▾

We have more than 10,000 questions in our question bank which are categorise based on topics and difficulties. Our teachers are able design worksheet based on student’s profile/ proficiency and progress them accordingly.

 Students will be exposed to different question types and strengthen their foundational knowledge.

Impart Solving Skills ▾

At Habitat, we employ the 5-step Physics solving method namely:

T- Tabulate

I – Illustrate

C – Constants & Variables

K – Know the Formula

S – Solve the Equation

You may read more about this at the section below.

Practical Lab Knowledge ▾

Practical accounts for 20% of both Combined and Pure Physics.

 In Habitat Learning Centre, students can conduct dry practices in our very own Habitat Lab to be more familiar with the different lab apparatus, and also attempt different Practical Planning Worksheets that we have curated.

Dedicated Teachers ▾

Learning does not stop after the lesson ends. At Habitat Learning Centre, our friendly teachers are always ready to reach out to our students who need help with the subject whenever, wherever!

 As part of what’s ingrained in our Centre’s culture, our students never hesitate to approach our teachers whenever they need guidance.

Physics is one of the three foundational branches of Science. As the most quantitative branch of science among the three, Physics is a subject that allows us to precisely determine the outcome or relationship between variables in a scenario. From calculating the maximum weight a lift can accommodate to how much electricity you are consuming this month, we use concepts of Physics and its formulas to help us understand nearly everything we use.

As the closest amalgamation between Science and Mathematics, Physics is an introduction to how we can put our calculations into good use. Physics is not only a content subject, but also a subject that focuses on critical thinking and how we can forge a relationship between multiple variables through a single formula. As we move into the age of digitalization and computing, Physics will become all the more relevant to helping students make sense between formulas and different data.

In Lower Secondary, students got a glimpse of basic Physics with simple concepts and formulas that have help us to explain simple phenomena we observe every day. For Upper Secondary ‘O’ Level Physics, students will be required to explain more complicated real-life scenarios using more advanced Physics concepts and formulas that they have learnt. Students will be required to look at the World in a quantitative manner and need to use the formulas correctly as they will be challenged to toggle with multiple variables as well as positive and negative values.

What We Do at Habitat

As a specialist in ‘N’ & ‘O’ Level Physics, we have helped hundreds of students alleviate their fear towards Physics and coached them to conquer the ‘O’ Levels. Over the years of coaching, we have identified the struggles that students generally face when trying to score for the Physics examinations and what keeps them from achieving their distinctions.

Our ‘O’ Level Physics tuition first focuses on understanding key concepts and its application. When tackling any Physics problems, we apply our Habitat’s 5-step (T-I-C-K-S) Physics solving method:

From our experience, many students do not understand the concepts well enough, which eventually they cannot apply the concepts, thus challenges in solving questions in tests and exams. Therefore our ‘O’ Level Physics tuition first focuses on understanding key concepts and its application. When tackling any Physics problems, we apply our Habitat’s 5-step (T-I-C-K-S) Physics solving method:

Using this 5-step Physics solving method, we train our students to have a systematic approach in solving any Physics question. Our secondary Physics tuition is filled with analogies and real-life illustrations to make learning Physics interesting and enjoyable. Learning Physics would be easier if students can relate them to their daily lives.

What used to be a boring subject where students were tasked to memorise the formulas blindly without understanding its function, has become a lively subject where students have a clear understanding of how to use the formulas correctly and avoid being tricked by questions that challenges the student’s understanding.

At Habitat Learning Centre, we have the right materials and teaching experience to help students overcome the challenges that Physics brings along. In contrast to many other Tuition Centres or Schools, we focus on helping students understand the Physics definitions and concepts, before teaching them to apply the formulas. This is made possible through our unique dedicated teaching style. Our centre also provides Physics summary notes, which are exclusive only to our students.

As part of the nation’s effort for self-directed and online learning, we have also prepared our THAT Challenge for students to test their Physics fundamentals. This is a free tool for public use and we hope more students can benefit from it.

Habitat also provides ‘O’ Level Chemistry tuition. Many of our students who enrol our upper secondary Physics tuition also enrol in our E Math tuition and/ or A Math tuition.

An example of Habitat’s TICKS solving methodology is shown in the video below:

Words from Physics Tuition Students

“Hi teacher Eunice! You teach very well. Your explanations are very clear and can be easily understood. Classes with you were not boring… they were fun, and helpful in every way. Also for my physics to be able to consistently score As and Bs for the past two years, I’m really thankful for your guidance. Thank you for the effort and the help you have given me for the past two years. Your classes were great.”

Tan Xuan Kai

Guangyang Secondary School

“Physics – I joined at the start of the year with test score of around 60%. Under 5 months of guidance, I managed to attain 72% during my mid year exams and consistently score As throughout the year. In the recent prelim exams, I managed to keep my score at an A2. I am very grateful to teacher Eunice for guiding me through my physics journey! Chemistry – I came to chemistry classes to ensure that I will continue to do well.”

Jason Wijaya

ACS Barker

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