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We had been preparing for online tuition classes late last year. Covid-19 pandemic got us to expedite our process as mentioned in our article. We are proud to say that our effectiveness for online tuition has been well received by parents and students. Although online tuition is never to replace physical classes, it provides flexibility for students the comfort of learning from home. We cater online tuition for Lower Secondary: Science & Math, Upper Secondary: Chemistry, Physics, E Math & A Math and Junior College: JC Chemistry & JC Math.

We compile our own teaching materials and worksheets based on MOE syllabus. Our students of our secondary and JC tuition are exposed to different types of exam-like questions to equip them for their examinations. During the circuit breaker period in Singapore when non-essential businesses have to cease operation in office, we have moved all our tuition online and home-based. We learned and adapt and provide online tuition by:

Small Class Size ▾

Our online class size is capped at 4-6. The session is conducted via selected online platform. Each student can be in a separate ‘room’ with the teacher for discussion. Online session are managed similar to physical classes.

Equipped Teachers ▾

Teachers are well-equipped with a laptop and another iPad or additional laptop. One for conducting class and the other for reference notes. Teachers write on a special writing pad which reflects on the student’s screen. These make learning for effective and interactive. 

Notes & Worksheets ▾

Notes and worksheets are provided before the online class. Students can have them printed beforehand or use the soft copy for discussion during the tuition session. Students upload their completed worksheets for marking by teachers.

Secure Login ▾

Students will be given a login ID and password for a secured login to participate in the session. This reduces the risks of foreign/ unknown personnel attending the session which had happened in other cases. Parents can be assured that we do the necessary to create a safe learning environment for our students.

Engaging Sessions ▾

The online classes are carried out seamlessly in an engaging manner. Although we trust students to be “present” in class, teachers often check in with individual students to make sure they understand topics discussed and do their worksheets. They could be called out to answer certain questions and stay alert throughout the session.

We prepare students to familiarise the selected platform before the class. In possible situations, we will help to print the notes and worksheets before the class so that parents can come to our centre to collect. Come! Join us at Habitat Online Tuition!

Encouragement from Students

The lessons has been quite fun for me and it is also more interactive as it is easier for teachers to check and answer student’s questions. The lessons has been quite similar to the lessons in the tuition centre just that it is now online. I feel that it is still equally effective. I feel that compared to other tuition centres, Habitat online lessons still has the small class size as for my other tuition classes they try to put two classes together and teach them at the same time and that is less effective.

Marianne Ding

The lessons are alright. I get to take away at least one or two learning points from each lesson. I do not need to travel, which takes up lesser of my time. Learning groups of a smaller quantity.


They are as per normal. I feel that the online lessons are equally effective as normal lessons and do not affect my rate of studying. Compared to other centers/ schools, it is definitely more interactive as there as lesser people in the class and the teacher gets to spend more time teaching each of the students.

Yip Jingyi

The online lessons are quite similar to normal lessons in the tuition centre and they are quite interactive too 🙂 I don’t find much of a diff in online and normal lessons… they’re both vv effective :D.

Isabelle Yao

The online lessons are alright. I think they r equally effective bc we still have chances to ask for help from teachers. (While at) school, teachers goes through things with the entire class instead of (Habitat) having breakout rooms.


Online lesson is good. Online is at home so don’t need to go out for lessons. They are equally effective. Tuition teachers can teach better. I give 5 out of 5 for Habitat Online Tuition

Ng Lee En

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