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I’m glad to have found a tuition centre with friendly and knowledgeable tutors to help my daughter who was struggling with Chemistry and Math in Sec 3. Under the patient coaching of the tutors, I’m happy to share that my daughter was able to score distinctions in these 2 subjects for ‘O’ levels. It is definitely a tuition centre that I would recommend to others 😊

Ruby Koh

Chemistry Tuition @ Novena

Secondary 3, 4 & 5, ‘O’ & ‘N’ Level

Trying to find an ‘O’ level Chemistry tutor for your child? If a small-class setting (capped at 6), individualised coaching based on student’s progress and the school’s curriculum, passionate and results driven teachers is what you are looking for, then you have landed at the right place!

At Habitat Learning Centre, we pride ourselves in providing one of the best chemistry tuition in Novena.  We have been able to help our students overcome these struggles and achieve success in their ‘O’ Level Chemistry. Over the years, our students have built a strong rapport with our dedicated teachers. We believe that learning is a two-way communication process. During lessons, our students are encouraged to engage in active discussions and clear their doubts with our friendly teachers. Students will be able to fully understand the Chemistry concepts instead of memorising the content. Our Chemistry tutors always get encouragement from our students, claiming they are the best Chem tutors they ever encountered. 

Our success in helping students can be attributed by many factors that have set us apart from other Tuition Centres. Here are some reasons why our students and parents have chosen us:

    Small Class Size ▾

    We believe in providing quality education where every student will have enough opportunities to interact and clear their doubts with the teachers during the lesson.

     Therefore, our classes are kept small (max 6) to ensure that every student will receive ample of attention from our teachers and most importantly, not neglected.

    Customised Curriculum ▾

    We recognize that different students have different proficiencies and interests in Chemistry.

    As such, every student will receive a customized curriculum based on their level of knowledge towards Chemistry. This ensures that students can learn the subject at a comfortable pace, without having to struggle with the learning process.   

    Practice Qns & Exams ▾

    With more than 10,000 questions in our learning materials, we have a plethora of chemistry questions that are carefully categorized based on different difficulties and applications in our worksheets.

     Students will be exposed to different question types and strengthen their foundational knowledge as they progress.

    Impart Learning Skills ▾

    Apart from content, we cultivate the SUI in learning. These SUI skills will be skills that students can bring along beyond their education in Secondary School.

    S – Summarising Lengthy Content

    U – Understanding with Real Life Examples

    I – Independent Learning Skills

    Practical Lab Knowledge ▾

    Practical accounts for 20% of both Combined and Pure Chemistry.

     In Habitat Learning Centre, students can conduct dry practices in our very own Habitat Lab to be more familiar with the different lab apparatus, and also attempt different Practical Planning Worksheets that we have curated.

    Dedicated Teachers ▾

    Learning does not stop after the lesson ends. At Habitat Learning Centre, our friendly teachers are always ready to reach out to our students who need help with the subject whenever, wherever!

     As part of what’s ingrained in our Centre’s culture, our students never hesitate to approach our teachers whenever they need guidance.

    We pride ourselves as a specialist in ‘N’ & ‘O’ Level Chemistry in Novena. We have helped hundreds of students alleviate their fear towards Chemistry and coached them to conquer the ‘O’ Levels. The transition from Lower Secondary Science to ‘O’ Level Chemistry is arduous and requires dedicated guidance. Students move from answering content-based questions in Lower Secondary to more Application and Knowledge Inquiry based questions.

    Students in Secondary 3 will see themselves struggling in these key aspects:

    • Using the correct Chemistry concepts and terms to explain the questions
    • Grappling with Quantitative Chapters not covered in Lower Secondary (E.g., Mole Concept and Chemical Calculations)
    • Answering Application-Based Questions, where students are required to use Chemistry concepts to explain real-life chemical processes.

    Moving on to Secondary 4, students who have struggled in Secondary 3 will find the content even more difficult, as the latter chapters are linked to foundational Secondary 3 topics. Students will see themselves struggling in

    • Understanding how we use Chemistry for natural and man-made processes (E.g., Metals, Electrolysis, Ammonia, Air and Organic Chemistry).
    • Practical Lab Skills as they will be taking their Practical Examinations in Secondary 4 Chemistry.
    • Being Proficient in utilizing all the Chemistry concepts they have learnt and apply them to the questions in one sitting.

    About Upper Secondary Chemistry

    Chemistry is one of the three foundational branches of Science. From the production of stainless steel used in most of our appliances to miraculously receiving warmth from a heat pack during a cold winter, what we see and feel in our everyday lives can be explained using Chemistry.

    In Singapore, Chemistry is a core subject in Secondary School education, along with English Language, Mathematics (Elementary) and Combined Humanities. Upper Secondary School students will be required to take either Pure Chemistry or Combined Chemistry for their ‘N’/’O’ Levels.

    The knowledge of Chemistry is important as many industry sectors in Singapore require the expertise of Chemistry. Some of these industries include the Medical, Pharmaceutical, Petrochemical and Food Science Industry. Whether you aspire to be a doctor, a chemical engineer, a sales agent in the pharmaceutical industry or an environmentalist fighting climate change, it is essential to be equipped with a good understanding in Chemistry.

    In Lower Secondary, students got a glimpse of basic chemistry from learning about atomic elements and simple chemical reactions.

    For Upper Secondary ‘O’ Level Chemistry, students will be taking a deeper dive into the content of Chemistry, exploring the quantitative side of Chemistry and making use of Chemistry knowledge to explain and hypothesise various natural and man-made processes. ‘O’ level is an important milestone for a student’s academic journey. However, we believe the learning journey for student starts with a strong foundation in lower secondary. And we help students build this strong foundation through our lower secondary science tuition.

    We do provide students seeking help in IB, IP, GCSE, IGCSE Chemistry tuition too. Feel free to reach out to us to find out more.

    What We Do at Habitat

    We believe “Consistency” is all that is needed to Ace the ‘O’ levels. At Habitat, we do pride ourselves as one of the best tuition centres when it comes to ‘O’ level Chem tuition. Our centre has prepared summary notes which are made exclusively for our students.

    With years of experience, we have compiled a concise set of guides to help our students understand the syllabus better. At our centre, we coach students in terms of their answering techniques and strengthen their foundation. With our teaching materials, students are able to score better and most importantly, see an improvement from their previous grades. We know what are the struggles of the students

    Many students have also tried our THAT Challenge. This is an online aptitude test specially catered for upper secondary students to check on their fundamental understanding of the various topics. THAT challenge covers both Chemistry and Physics catering to both Pure and Combined science students.

    We also offer upper secondary Physics tuition to students too. Some of our students who enroll in our upper secondary Chemistry tuition also enroll in our upper secondary E Math tuition and/ or A Math tuition. In fact, many of our secondary Chem students continue their journey with us into JC Chemistry tuition for their ‘A’ Level Chemistry.

    Words from Chemistry Tuition Students

    “I enjoyed my four years here very much. When I first came here, I did not think I would do well in secondary school. This is because I did badly for PSLE. However, after tuition here, I managed to score As for math and science in school. I must thank all the teachers who taught me well and made me understand topics better, especially my current physics and chemistry teachers.

    I made very good memories here, and I enjoyed my time here very much”

    Matthew Doo

    Hai Sing Catholic

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