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JC Math Tuition

Junior College (H1 & H2)

Our JC Math tuition lessons follow closely to the schools’ scheme of work and equips students with the knowledge of key mathematical concept with a focus on understanding and applications. Both H1 and H2 Math tuition are offered at our learning centre.

Small Group Tuition ▾

Our JC Math tuition class is capped at 4 because each question requires substantial length of answer. Teachers spend quality time with students for best results.

Tuition Duration ▾

Each intensive session last for 2 hours. Every topic is discussed in depth and length. Worksheets are given out. Teachers go through/ mark and correct mistakes individually.

Prepare for 'A' Level ▾

The preparation for ‘A’ level starts from JC1. Tips are shared together with techniques to score for each paper or section for ‘A’ level math. Mental prep is important to score.

For H1 JC Math students, they are required to take a 3-hour paper marked out of 100 in the table below. 

For H2 JC Math students, they are required to sit for two 3-hour papers, each carrying 50% of the total mark and each marked out of 100 in the table below. 

What We Do at Habitat

On our E math tuition page, we mentioned about Habitat’s K-D-C approach to assist our students in scoring for ‘A’ for math.

Our JC Math Tuition helps to develop problem-solving skills and understanding of key concepts and equations for a better presentation of solutions.

At Habitat, students have a great exposure to different kinds of questions and answering strategies suitable for each topic.

A bespoke style of our teaching is what creates success for students towards their A level Examination.

Some of our students who enroll our JC Math tuition also enroll themselves with our JC Chemistry tuition. Do check out our JC Chemistry tuition too!

Words from JC Math Tuition Students

“Mr Soh has been an extremely effective and dedicated math tutor. He has provided me with an extensive repository of notes, practices, and prelim papers, and has allowed me gain proficiency in Mathematics. Mr Soh’s teaching is precise and succinct, and has helped me identify my weaker topics and allow me to rectify my mistakes. He always provides detailed and comprehensive analysis of my practices and regularly emphasizes the significance of regular practice. I’m very grateful to have been under Mr Soh’s tutelage as he has allowed me to gain confidence in mathematics.”

Ho Yew Han

Eunoia Junior College

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