Intensive Programmes

Topical-Focused Programme Boost Confidence 

Intensive Programmes

Selected Topics to Boost Performance

We do understand the needs of students. Our intensive programmes are here to help you, be it a final dash to the finishing line or just to brush up your topics!

We run our intensive programmes in June, September and November every year. We select topics that students usually find challenges with for Chemistry, Physics, E math and A math.

Our MCQ-intensive programme is usually run in November. This programme aims to help students do well for MCQ which weighs 30% of the total score. We teach the right effective answering techniques to do well for their paper 1 (MCQ) in their ‘O’ levels.

Selected Topics ▾

We select topics for Chemistry, Physics, E math and A math. These topics are usually the ones that students have more challenges with. Drilling on these topics help further clear concepts and boost confidence.

Session Duration ▾

Depending on the intensity of the topics selected, each intensive session last for 3 to 3.5 hours. Worksheets are given out. Teachers go through/ mark and correct mistakes individually.

Prepare for 'O' Level ▾

We prepare students with exams-like questions of various difficulties. It is important students are exposed to various ways of question to get familiarity. Familiarity boost confidence and gives results.

Our Intensive Programmes are well received by students and are in well demand. Check out a typical period of our Intensive Programme below:

Let’s Learn Together!

Looking to boost your results for certain topics for your Sec 3 exams or ‘O’ level. Our Intensive Programme can defintely help you. Have a chat with us.

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