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Teacher Terry is able to explain to me some complicated concepts which I had so much trouble understanding in school. He kept me engaged during the class and is very patient to explain and work on solutions with me. I had tremendous improvement for my JC Econs thanks to him 🙂

Genevieve Tay

Economics Tuition @ Novena

JC 1, JC2, H1, H2, ‘A’ Level & IB (SL/ HL) Economics Tuition

If you are looking for Economics tuition in Singapore, you have came to the right place. Economics is a brand new subject for all students as it was not covered in secondary school days. It is also unlike the common humanity subjects as the understanding and application of the topic knowledge is much more demanding. Our small-class setting is perfect to deepen your understanding of economics. Coupled with dedicated and passionate teachers, you will excel in Economics with Habitat

Our success in helping students can be attributed by many factors that have set us apart from other Tuition Centres. Here are some reasons why our students and parents have chosen us:

Small Class Size ▾

Econs is a new subject for students. Therefore our Econs tuition classes are kept small (max 4-6) to ensure that every student receives ample of attention from our Econs tutor and most importantly, not neglected.

Our Economics Tutor follow up closely with student’s progress and this is made possible because of a low student to teacher ratio.

Customised Curriculum ▾

Our Econs tutor customizes the tuition curriculum based on the student’s level of knowledge towards Economics. This ensures that students can learn the subject at a comfortable pace, without having to struggle with the learning process.

We develop the curriculum for H1 & H2 Econs, JC1 and JC2 (‘A’ Level) as well as IB track Econs. Our Economics tutor work closely with the student to customise the curriculum to individual’s needs.

Practice Qns & Exams ▾

Habitat are growing Economics learning materials everyday. We also make sure the materials are current and relevant. Questions can come from test or papers from various schools as well as internally curated questions.

Our Econs tutor makes sure to expose the student to different question types so as to strengthen their foundational knowledge as they progress.

Impart Learning Skills ▾

At Habitat, we cultivate the SUI in learning. These SUI skills goes beyond academic education and is applicable to learning different topics and life.

S – Summarising Lengthy Content

U – Understanding with Real Life Examples

I – Independent Learning Skills

Summary Notes ▾

Apart from going through exam and test questions, Habitat also provide pointers, answers/ essays to these questions. It is in a form summary notes for our students  to have a quick recap of salient points. 

These notes are useful especially during revision for tests and exams. We have made sure students are well prepared.

Dedicated Teachers ▾

It is our dedicated and passionate economics tutors that made our unique approach to econs tuition so effective. It is part of our Centre’s culture to go an extra mile caring for our students.

This dedication goes beyond the classroom. Our Econs teachers are ready to help our students whenever and wherever needed. 

While IB economics is more broad covering international topics, ‘A’ level economics cover more depth with localised context and application. Habitat’s approach to Econs tuition is unlike no other Econs tuition centers. We believe the cultivation for the love of economics is primary to excel in the subject. We make sure the lessons are effective and conducive, and the learning experience made interesting and engaging. We cultivate students’ love for econs through many real life examples coupled with economics theories and concepts.

At Habitat Learning Centre, we help our students achieve success in their ‘A’ Level or IB Economics with our dedicated economics teachers. We believe that learning is a two-way communication process. Students often engage in active discussions and are able to clear doubts with our friendly teachers. Students will be able fully understand the Economics concepts and its application instead of memorising the content.

About JC/ IB Economics

Economics is a social science that studies how economic agents such as consumers, producers and governments allocate limited resources in order to satisfy unlimited wants. Economics is a new subject as it was not covered in secondary education in Singapore.

Some students or parents might think that economics is just like another humanity subject. But the study of Economics is much more difficult. It requires the use of a lot of numbers (compared to other social sciences too) because it study the production, exchange and usage of resources across human populations. These resources are often quantifiable. There is a need to attribute a perceived value or to bring these resources to a common unit. Therefore a good foundation in Math can help a long way.

Students taking ‘A’ level economics can choose either H1 or H2 Econs. Students taking Integrated Programme (IP) track can choose either SL or HL IB Economics. H2 and HL covers a few more topics compared to H1 and SL Econs. Our economics tuition covers for all ‘A’ and IB Economics.

Habitat has prepared a great learning environment.

Our ‘A’ level and IB economics tutors will lay a strong foundation for our students. This is help them to further pursue economics if they wish. At the same time, these foundations can become life skills and prepare them for their future career advancements.

What We Do at Habitat

With years of experience in tutoring students, we know what students need in order to do excel in their studies. You can be rest assured that your learning journey with Habitat is fun-filled and fruitful. While we want you to Ace in Economics, we also prepare you for your future endeavours. 

We have compiled a concise set of guides to help our students understand the economics syllabus better. Our centre has prepared summary notes and are made exclusively to our students only. At our centre, we coach students in terms of their answering techniques and strengthen their foundation. With our teaching materials, students are able to score better and most importantly, see an improvement from their previous grades. We know what are the struggles of the students and work closely with them to overcome them.

Habitat’s economics tuition starts with inspiring students the beauty of the subject. Our passionate economics tutors are more than happy to share their love for economics and influence students in a positive way. Our individualised coaching make sure each and every student gets the most benefits during and after the tuition sessions. Our econs tutors are always just a call away to help our students. Lastly, we ensure students are well prepared in ‘A’ Level and IB Economics by our summary notes.

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Schools Our Students are from

ACS (Barker Road)

ACS (Independent)

Anglican High

Bartley Secondary

Beatty Secondary

Bedok South Secondary

Boon Lay Secondary

Bowen Secondary

Catholic High School

Cedar Girls' Secondary

CHIJ (St. Joseph's)

CHIJ (St. Nicholas')

CHIIJ (St. Theresa's)

CHIJ (Toa Payoh)

Crescent Girls' School

Deyi Secondary

Fuhua Secondary

Gan Eng Seng School

Chung Cheng High (Main)

Greendale Secondary

Guangyang Secondary

Hai Sing Catholic

Holy Innocent's High

Hougang Secondary

Hwa Chong International

Kent Ridge Secondary

Kuo Chuan Presbyterian

Maris Stella High

Mayflower Secondary

Methodist Girls School

Naval Base Secondary

Newtown Secondary

Northbrooks Secondary

Orchid Park Secondary

Outram Secondary

Paya Lebar Method. Girls'

Pierce Secondary

Queenstown Secondary

Queensway Secondary

School of the Arts (SOTA)

Singapore Chinese Girls'

St. Gabriel's Secondary

St. Joseph's Institution

St. Margaret's Secondary

St. Nicholas' Girls School

St. Patrick's School

Tanjong Katong Sec.

Tanjong Katong Girls'

West Spring Secondary

Whitley Secondary

ASC (Independent)

Anderson Serangoon JC

Catholic JC

Hwa Chong International

Jurong Pioneer JC

Millenia Institute JC

Nanyang JC

River Valley JC

Tampines Meridian JC

Victoria JC

Yishun Innova JC

Words from Economics Tuition Students

“Don is a unique and fantastic economics teacher. He is unique in a sense that he doesn’t just make you study with mentality that economics is just another subject in jc, but actually tries to share his love for economics with you.  This provides a more wholesome learning experience as you grow to show interest towards economics through the real life examples he pairs with economics concepts and theories. 

Don’s lessons are not only effective and conducive, but it also takes away the mentality of students studying economics just for the sake of getting through another subject in jc, making the learning experience more interesting, effective and engaging.


Let’s Learn Together!

Looking for Economics tuition taught by dedicated and passionate teachers? Let our teachers inspire you and make your learning journey fun and fruitful. 

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