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E Math Tuition

As mentioned in our secondary math tuition page, Math is a core subject. Master Math and you probably do well in other subjects. In addition, E Math or Elementary Math is one of the determining subjects for entries into many courses in Polytechnics/ JCs. Many parents focus in giving math tuition for their children. Our secondary E Math tuition assists students to do well in the ‘O’ levels. These are Habitat's way to E math tuition:

Small Group Tuition

Unlike many centres, our class size is capped at 6 so teacher can spend more time per student. Individualised coaching catered to the student's need.


Each session last for 2 hours. Understand where they left off previously, recap on existing topic/ start new topic. Teach on concepts and certain questions in the worksheet. Go through/ mark and correct mistakes individually.

Habitat Summary Notes

At Habitat, we take pride in creating our own notes. We compile our own teaching materials and worksheets based on MOE syllabus. These notes provide the key concepts to students, helping them to excel in Math.

Analyse Past Papers

We believe in exposing students to various exam papers. Being able to understand what answer(s) the question is looking for is crucial to scoring well. There are different styles of questions even when they are looking for the same answer. All these are well covered.

Apply K-D-C Model

Our model to scoring in Math is using the K-D-C model. Students are taught to first know the concepts. Then we drill them for speed. Lastly the ability to spot mistakes and check if answers are correct will ensure students to avoid losing marks which they duly deserved.

Make It Fun

Probably nothing is as important to nurture the affinity to like math. Teachers engaged in short chats to ensure students enjoy learning and that they understand the topic. Relevant stories are shared to make learning more interesting and relatable. That's why students love our classes!

What We do at Habitat

Our upper secondary E math tuition focuses on preparing students for ‘O’ level right from the start. We adopt Habitat’s K-D-C model, namely Key Concepts, Drill and Checks, to help our students.

Grasping the key concepts are important as it laid the foundation to scoring an ‘A’ for E math. All newly enrolled students will sit for Habitat's foundation check test. This allows the teacher to identify students' weaknesses and provide necessary guidance during the coaching session.

Drilling is speed focus and getting familiar with the type of questions in a particular topic. After grasping the key concepts, students are trained to identify keywords and look out for what kind of answer the question is asking for.

Our E math tuition’s (as well as A math) curriculum groups questions into various E math topics. These worksheets are then given to the students. Our worksheets compile questions from various resources and are also sub-grouped by levels of difficulty. Students may start with the basic questions before attempting the level-3 most challenging ones as they progress.

We would drill the students with questions and thinking speed so that when they look at certain question, they could identify them with questions they have worked on before.

When it comes to tests and exams, being familiar with questions is key and this would increase their confidence in tackling any question. We want them to think, even before attempting the test or exam question, “Hey, I have seen this before. I can do it!”

We probably heard countless times a student said, ”Aiya, it was a careless mistake!”. While we try to be perfect, there would be times we would still make mistakes.

The derived answer for a question has to pass the first check – logical check. Sometimes students may make certain careless mistakes thus deriving at a wrong answer; even when they could be fundamentally sound with the concepts. Certain answer will “look” strange for example having answers with decimals places instead of whole numbers to solve an equation.

When a student is drilled well enough, they will be able to get telltale signs of a mistake and amend their workings accordingly to derive the correct answer.

There are 2 sides to an equation. Deeper checks will be substituting a variable into the equation to see if the result is consistent. Sometimes it may involve expansion and factorization. Our teachers will guide our students in our E math tuition on such checks.

When a student goes through drill and checks, with time, they will also have a better grasp of the key concepts. This helps them to affirm their understanding of a particular concept and gain more confidence.

As success breeds success, our students will definitely get better in E math with time, and scoring ‘A’ for E math would be natural.

At Habitat, we provide our students with summary notes and formula booklet when they enroll in our upper secondary E math tuition (as well as A math tuition). This summary notes and formula booklet is exclusive to Habitat’s students only. Our E maths tutor has is able to engage with students to explain and apply what they have learned.

We also provide upper secondary Chemistry tuition and upper secondary Physics tuition. Many of our students taking our E math tuition also enrolls  A Math tuition with us. Do find out how we assist our students in these subjects too!

Habitat's Math K-D-C Model

Habitat Math Tuition KDC Model

What do students say about upper secondary E Math tuition

“I totally disliked math when I came in 2015 after failing my A math [F9 omg?!?] and passing my E math, by only a few marks [C5 omg?!?], but I can’t say I love math now but perhaps not so much of dislike because of the amazing tutor here J improved by 5-7 grades for A math [Wow! Omg!] and 2-3 grades for E math [yayo!]. I didn’t think tuition wld work much for me because I have been to tonnes [1X106g] of tuition and I still continued to fail in my math L [not a math prodigy obviously]. Most importantly, all the teachers and staff here are all so nice!!! I don’t feel like I am going for tuition every sat but in fact, meeting very very nice ppl. who are always there to support. I’ll miss the times here.”

Rebecca Tan

Tanjong Katong Girl’s School


“Before I joined this centre, I honestly felt that I was already hopeless in math, not to mention that I have been tailing it since secondary 2. I came into this centre, with almost [zero] understanding on the basic algebra. After the foundation test, I believe the teachers knew how ‘jialat’ my math was & begain giving me hundreds over algebra questions to complete. After completing those questions, I started to ponder: “What have I been doing the past 3 years in class?”. I started to fall in love with math and look forward to the weekly classes! (p.s. never in my life I would feel so uneasy without touching my calculator to solve math questions). Even though I stay in the west and the centre is located 1 and half hours away in the heart of Novena, it was worthwhile the trouble and travelling because the teachers here are so different from the other tutors I had in the past. The teachers here know how to pinpoint on topics I am weak in, and give me practices to ensure that I build my foundation, leaving no marks behind! I would like to especially thank teacher Jia Kang for being so patient with my algebra (horrible algebra!). teachers KaiXun for going through many topics with me and not getting angry/ annoyed at the number of times you had to repeat the steps to me.

Lastly, thank you Miss Song for always being there, popping into class once in a while to check on my progress and always encouraging me to do my best and not give up! 我心里充满感恩”

Michelle Chua

Jurongville Seondary School

Students taking E Math 'O' levels have 2 papers to clear as tabled below. The entire E math syllabus can be found here.

E Math Pic 1

The topics covered in our upper secondary E Math tuition follows closely to the syllabus laid out by Singapore-Cambridge. Highlighted topics are those which most students would find challenges with.

E Math Pic 2

* Topics/ sub-topics most students find challenges with

There are lesser concepts to grasp for Math as compared to Science. Or rather, Math concepts are more straightforward. However some students find math more difficult than science. From our experience, the main challenges for students come from a few areas:

  1. Not able to understand the key concepts
  2. Not able to finish questions in time
  3. Careless mistakes

At Habitat, applying the K-D-C model, our upper secondary E math tuition has the right tool to overcome these challenges.

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