Throughout the years of coaching our students, we have always made sure the students go through an aptitude test before the start of any of our coaching sessions. This test is for our teachers to check on students’ fundamental understanding of key concepts. Our teachers would then be able to tailor make the coaching sessions according to the needs of the students.

We understand it is important for students to know where they stand; meaning how well they know their topics and if they have a solid understanding of their various topics. With this idea came the birth of The Habitat Aptitude Test.

The Habitat Aptitude Test (THAT) is an online test designed for Upper Secondary students for their Chemistry and Physics (suitable for both Pure science or combined science students). Students can choose the topics they want to be tested. The system will generate the questions and students will attempt to answer them via multiple choices.

Upon submitting all the answers, students will then be graded. Students can submit their emails so as to receive a customised report. The report will indicate where are the areas they did well and areas of improvement needed. THAT Challenge is absolutely free for the public.

Since the launch of THAT, we had more than 2,400 attempts for both Chemistry and Physics subjects. So take courage and try THAT challenge now!

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