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… Matthew has A for Chemistry and B for the rest. Thank you for all your help this past years and convey our thanks to the rest of his teachers 🙏


JC Chemistry Tuition @ Novena

Junior College H1/ H2, JC1/ JC2 Chemistry tuition

It is yet another big gap between secondary Chemistry and JC Chemistry. If you are looking for H1/H2 Chemistry tuition, you have come to the right place. Our JC Chemistry Tuition aim to help our students manage the pressure of the JC system. We are familiar with the latest A level syllabus requirements.

Our lessons are conducted in small group with a maximum of 4 students in a class as we prepare them for A level. At our tuition centre, we offer H1 and H2 JC Chemistry tuition.

Small Class Size ▾

JC Chemistry covers in depth chemistry knowledge compared to secondary’s. Therefore our class size is capped at 4 to allow teachers to be effective in coaching our students. 

Worksheets & Notes ▾

As a JC Chemistry tuition centre, we compile our own worksheets to be given to students for practice. JC Chemistry summary notes are provided exclusively to our students only. These summary notes give concise understanding and application of various topics. 

Exam Preparation ▾

The main aim for JC Chemistry tuition is to prepare students for ‘A’ level exams. We encourage to start tuition from JC1 to have ample time for students to make adequate preparation for the big ‘A’ level. 

What We Do at Habitat

Students who had been through foundation building years under our ‘O’ Level Chemistry tuition would find it easier to adapt the change from secondary to JC. Nevertheless, it is never too late to come to Habitat as our H2 JC Chemistry tutor will equip our students through our coaching sessions.

We identify ourselves to be one of the best JC Chemistry tuition providers because of our bespoke style of tuition. We learn throughout the year this is the most effective way to help students score in exams.

Concise revision notes are provided to help students understand the important key points, content and application knowledge. This ensures that students have the greatest exposure to different kinds of questions. In addition, students will be also be exposed to answering strategies and techniques suitable for each topic. As such, these prepare them well for their A levels Examination.

Chemistry is a content-heavy subject in JC and students are required to memorize a lot of factual materials. We accelerate this process with useful notes to help our students handle the large volume of information. Our students find our JC Chemistry tuition effective largely because we limit to only 4 students per class. This allows a bespoke style of coaching by our teachers, catering to the concise needs of the students.

Some of our students who enroll our JC Chemistry tuition also enroll themselves with our JC Math tuition. Do check them out too!

The Habitat Aptitude Test

Throughout the years of coaching our students, we have always made sure the students go through an aptitude test before the start of any of our coaching sessions. This test is for our teachers to check on students’ fundamental understanding of key concepts. Our teachers would then be able to tailor make the coaching sessions according to the needs of the students.

We understand it is important for students to know where they stand; meaning how well they know their topics and if they have a solid understanding of their various topics. With this idea came the birth of The Habitat Aptitude Test.

The Habitat Aptitude Test (THAT) is an online test designed for Upper Secondary students for their Chemistry and Physics (suitable for both Pure science or combined science students). Students can choose the topics they want to be tested. The system will generate the questions and students will attempt to answer them via multiple choices.

Upon submitting all the answers, students will then be graded. Students can submit their emails so as to receive a customised report. The report will indicate where are the areas they did well and areas of improvement needed. THAT Challenge is absolutely free for the public.

Since the launch of THAT, we had more than 2,400 attempts for both Chemistry and Physics subjects. So take courage and try THAT challenge now!

Words from JC Chemistry Tuition Students

“I started tuition with the centre ever since secondary and I am more than grateful to this team of dedicated teachers plus Miss Song. The tutors here will definitely push you to the best of your ability as long as you are willing to put in the hard work and effort. Mr. Chen ensures that his students are keeping up with his revision schedule by pursuing them to achieve their best. He also provides you with higher order thinking questions to ensure that you fully understand the concept. He also offers valuable advice on how to cope well and improve. Such great tutors are hard to come by and I can confidently say that I have benefiteed tremendously from them all.

Narisa Lim

Pioneer Junior College

Let’s Learn Together!

Looking for JC Chemistry tuition taught by dedicated teachers? We would love to help you achieve your dream results for ‘A’ level Chemistry. Have a chat with us.

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