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A Math Tuition

As an A Math Tuition Centre, our A Level Math tuition assists students to do well in the ‘O’ level, which they have 2 papers to clear as tabled below. The entire A math syllabus can be found here.

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The topics covered in our upper secondary A Math tuition follows closely to the syllabus laid out by Singapore-Cambridge below. Highlighted below are also some topics that students usually have challenges with for A math.

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* Topics/ sub-topics most students find challenges with

Some students do better with A math as compared to E math while some struggle more in A math compared to E math. The ability to perform in E math does not guarantee performance in A math and vice versa.

What We do at Habitat

Our upper secondary A math (Additional math) tuition’s approach is similar to that of our E math tuition as we prepare the students for ‘O’ level right from the beginning. Our A Maths Tutor employs the Habitat’s K-D-C model illustrated on the right. If you are trying to find a good A math tutor, our Habitat's math tutor has excellent track records in helping students achieve great results for 'O' level.

Do read more of our K-D-C approach under E math tuition page and how it can help our students in getting an ‘A’ for A math.

We also provide upper secondary Chemistry tuition and upper secondary Physics tuition. Most of our students taking our E math tuition also enrolls with us A Math tuition. Do find out how we assist our students in these subjects too!


Habitat's Math K-D-C Model

Habitat Math Tuition KDC Model

What do students say about A Math tuition

“I totally disliked math when I came in 2015 after failing my A math [F9 omg?!?] and passing my E math, by only a few marks [C5 omg?!?], but I can’t say I love math now but perhaps not so much of dislike because of the amazing tutor here J improved by 5-7 grades for A math [Wow! Omg!] and 2-3 grades for E math [yayo!]. I didn’t think tuition wld work much for me because I have been to tonnes [1X106g] of tuition and I still continued to fail in my math L [not a math prodigy obviously]. Most importantly, all the teachers and staff here are all so nice!!! I don’t feel like I am going for tuition every sat but in fact, meeting very very nice ppl. who are always there to support. I’ll miss the times here.”

Rebecca Tan

Tanjong Katong Girl’s School

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