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Why Habitat Learning Centre?

Secondary & JC Tuition

Located at Novena, Singapore, Habitat Learning Centre provides Secondary and JC tuition. Passion is what drives us when it come to teaching our next generation. We believe that education can change a life, a family, a nation and the world. Parents send their child to our centre for various reasons. The most prominent ones are:

Small Class Size

Unlike many other tuition centres, we believe in keeping our class size small so that the teachers can spend more time with each student. There is a Chinese saying “因材施教” which means teach according to each person’s ability. We adopt a Bespoke style of tuition by providing individualised learning method which allows each student to learn and progress at a level best suited for his/ her academic ability.

High Retention Rate

More than 90% of our lower secondary students continued to be at our centre through upper secondary. Why? Because we get them to enjoy learning. Our team of teachers are very closely knitted and have been working as a team for more than 6 years. Our teachers are students-eccentric and driven by passion. They constantly review their teaching methods to bring out the Best from our students.

Holistic Teaching Methods

Teaching to achieve academic results is a given in our centre. What lies Beyond this academic excellence is to prepare students for larger roles entering into society in future. This is what we do at Habitat. Metalearning talks about the concepts, facts and process in making learning the most effective. Our teachers are engaged with the students to make learning enjoyable. Moulding future leaders through our centre is our dream.

What Else We Do?

At Habitat Learning Centre, we compile our own teaching materials and worksheets based on MOE syllabus. Our students of our secondary and JC tuition are exposed to different types of exam-like questions to equip them for their examinations.

We are the first to create an online aptitude test, The Habitat Aptitude Test (THAT) challenge, absolutely free for upper secondary students. This is to test their fundamental understanding of the various topics of Chemistry and Physics.

Through the years, our team of teachers has helped many students excel in their studies. Our teachers are experienced and most importantly, put their hearts into teaching our students. Get to know more about our programmes for secondary and JC tuition here.

Get to know us more and read the 7 Things about Habitat Learning Centre.

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Reviews From Our Students

“This Centre has definitely taught me many things, not only in the education aspect, but also build on my character, to be more responsible and focused. It also has given me hope. I used to think a pass is what I could achieve at my best, always expecting the worse in my results. However, after joining the classes, I understood my weakness and mistakes. Teachers would always motivate us and they see the potential in us, making me feel encouraged to work harder, getting the results that will make my teachers and me proud. Obviously now, I believe that I can get the results I want for the O levels and to achieve my targets. Overall, I enjoyed my time here. The teachers are all very nice and caring. They always try their best and go through certain topics that I am weak in. I remember there was one class with teacher Eunice, drawing all the light diagrams when I said I always don’t know how to do. Even though I didn’t start memorizing, it definitely saves me at least a grade in the exam.”

Tan Ming Kai

Naval Base Secondary

“Thank you for helping me improve my science marks. The relationship with the teachers had become a friendly relationship, instead of a teacher-student relationship. Thank you, Mr Chen, for always having small arguments in class, but in the end help my marks improve. Although I live far away from the centre, I still wouldn’t mind coming to class as I know I would learn something new. Thank you, Miss Song, for always coming into the class and give me snacks that you got from overseas, and all the small chats that we have. Lastly, as for Teacher Eunice, thank you for always marking my work even though I hand in too many at a time. Although it was a short period of time, I still manage to learn a lot of new things from you.”

Puah Wei Shane

Dunman Secondary

“I started tuition with the centre ever since secondary and I am more than grateful to this team of dedicated teachers plus Miss Song. The tutors here will definitely push you to the best of your ability as long as you are willing to put in the hard work and effort. Mr Kelvin has helped me immensely in Math as he patiently explains various methods to tackle challenging questions to ensure that we can efficiently secure marks. He also provides many resourceful materials that has helped me greatly in my preparation for the A levels. One thing that I really appreciate about Mr Kelvin is that he tries his best to provide me with prompt replies with detailed explanation when I ask him. He has undoubtedly made me enjoy and appreciate this seemingly tough subject more.”

Narisa Lim

Pioneer Junior College

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